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Sweet Fit 1

Sweet Fit

Are you a "Sweet Fit" for the Krispy Kreme franchise?

Because we know that a little joy can change the world, we are seeking qualified candidates with extensive restaurant and business experience, to continue our global doughnut franchise expansion.

A franchisee smiling with his arms crossed in front of a Krispy Kreme sign

To gain consideration for a Krispy Kreme restaurant franchise, applicants must possess the following characteristics:

  • The willingness to live out our mission, "To Touch and Enhance Lives through the joy that is Krispy Kreme"
  • Passion for the Krispy Kreme brand and products
  • Proven track record of running a successful multi-unit restaurant business
  • Liquidity of $300,000 for each store to be developed
  • Knowledge of real estate and real estate processes
  • Infrastructure to support strategic and aggressive multi-unit doughnut franchise growth
  • Commitment to providing superior customer service experiences
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Success Stories

We continuously communicate with Krispy Kreme headquarters to continue to develop best practices. Many forums, conferences and mini-conferences each year enable us to share ideas and to better refine our operations. End quote